Facial Restoration without Surgery


    It is the elimination of the superficial layer of the skin with chemical
 substances, as the acid tricoloroacético, glicólico or phenol, with the target
 to eliminate spots, wrinkles and the damage produced by the exhibition of
 the sun and the age.


    Elimination of the superficial layers of the skin by means of graze or
 microscopic curettage of these superficial layers.




Toxina Botulinica tipo A :  BOTOX ®

    Unactivated toxin that is applied in the facial responsible muscles of of the
 formation of the wrinkles, his target is to paralyze selectively these muscles,
 to eliminate these wrinkles not wished without affecting the expression of the






    Special materials to refill and to dispel wrinkles, scars, subsidence, naso-labial ruts and to increase the lips.

    Artecoll * Alloderm * Restylene * Reviderm



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